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Extracellular Matrix News 5.25 July 3, 2014
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How a Thick “Sugar Coating” on Cells May Drive Aggressive Cancers
Researchers have shown that cancer-induced structural changes in a sugary coating ensheathing cells can promote mechanical interactions that fuel tumor growth and metastasis. [Press release from UCSF discussing online prepublication in Nature] Press Release | Abstract
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PUBLICATIONS (Ranked by impact factor of the journal)
Integrin-Mediated Type II TGF-β Receptor Tyrosine Dephosphorylation Controls SMAD-Dependent Profibrotic Signaling
Scientists determined that phosphorylation of tyrosines within the serine/threonine kinase type II TGF-β receptor (TβRII) tail was essential for SMAD-dependent fibrotic signaling within cells of the kidney collecting duct. Conversely, the T cell protein tyrosine phosphatase dephosphorylated TβRII tail tyrosine residues, resulting in inhibition of TβR-dependent fibrotic signaling. [J Clin Invest] Full Article

C-Terminal Propeptide Is Required for Fibrillin-1 Secretion and Blocks Premature Assembly through Linkage to Domains cbEGF41-43
Using HEK293T cells transiently transfected with GFP-tagged version of fibrillin-1 constructs, researchers show that the C-terminal propeptide is an essential requirement for the secretion of full-length fibrillin-1 from cells. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA] Abstract

Hydrogel Depots for Local Co-Delivery of Osteoinductive Peptides and Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Human mesenchymal stem cell (hMSC)-laden osteogenic growth peptide (OGP)-alginate hydrogels were tested at an ectopic site in a xenograft mouse model. After four weeks, OGP-alginate hydrogels were more degraded and colonized by vascularized connective tissue than the control. hMSCs were able to proliferate, migrate outward the hydrogels, produce endogenous extracellular matrix and mineralize it. [J Control Release] Abstract

Conformational Remodeling of the Fibronectin Matrix Selectively Regulates VEGF Signaling
Researchers demonstrate that anastellin selectively inhibits microvessel cell signaling in response to VEGF165 but not VEGF121 by preventing the assembly of the VEGF receptor/Neuropilin-1 complex. [J Cell Sci] Abstract

Selective Regulation of Cytoskeletal Tension and Cell-Matrix Adhesion by RhoA and Src
Scientists investigated the relationship between the cytoskeletal tension and integrin α5β1 adhesion strength to the matrix (i.e. fibronectin) in the context of RhoA-Src crosstalk. [Integr Biol] Abstract

Endogenous MMP-9 and Not MMP-2 Promotes Rheumatoid Synovial Fibroblast Survival, Inflammation and Cartilage Degradation
Scientists investigated the effect of endogenous matrix metalloproteinases 2 and 9 (MMP-2 and MMP-9) on the invasive characteristics of RA synovial fibroblasts. [Rheumatology] Abstract

Predicting In Vivo Responses to Biomaterials via Combined In Vitro and In Silico Analysis
Principal component analysis and dynamic network analysis revealed a distinct in vitro macrophage response to extracellular matrix materials that corresponded to constructive remodeling and an increased M2 macrophage presence in vivo. [Tissue Eng Part C Methods] Abstract

Decellularized Tracheal Extracellular Matrix Supports Epithelial Migration, Differentiation and Function
Scientists examined the use of a decellularized graft in a murine model of tracheal replacement. Decellularized grafts supported complete reepithelialization by eight weeks, and motile cilia were observed. [Tissue Eng Part A] Abstract

Incorporation of Chitosan Microspheres into Collagen-Chitosan Scaffolds for the Controlled Release of Nerve Growth Factor
Microsphere-scaffold composite was developed by incorporating chitosan microspheres loaded with nerve growth factor into collagen-chitosan scaffolds with longitudinally oriented microchannels. The morphological characterizations, in vitro release kinetics study, neurite outgrowth assay, and bioactivity assay were evaluated. [PLoS One] Full Article

Inhibition of Leptin-Induced Vascular Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Remodeling by Adiponectin
Researchers evaluated the leptin-antagonist function of adiponectin and further elucidated the mechanisms through which adiponectin dampens leptin signaling in vascular smooth muscle cells, thus preventing excess ECM production in already established 3D co-culture vessel models. [J Mol Endocrinol] Abstract

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Sensory Mechanotransduction at Membrane-Matrix Interfaces
The authors discuss the idea that mechanosensitive channels normally occur in transmembrane complexes that are anchored to extracellular matrix components both in vitro and in vivo. [Pflugers Arch] Full Article

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International Society for Matrix Biology (ISMB)
Akashi Therapeutics Presents Positive Clinical Data on HT-100 in Patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Akashi Therapeutics, Inc. announced the presentation of preliminary positive clinical data for its most advanced drug candidate, HT-100, an orally available, small molecule developed to reduce fibrosis and inflammation and promote healthy muscle regeneration in boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. [Press release from Akashi Therapeutics, Inc. discussing research presented at the New Directions in Biology and Disease of Skeletal Muscle 6th Biennial Conference, Chicago] Press Release

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Rotation Medical Completes $27.2 Million Series B Financing
Rotation Medical, a medical device company focused on developing new technologies to treat rotator cuff disease, today announced that it has secured $27.2 million in an oversubscribed Series B financing. [Rotation Medical (Business Wire)] Press Release

CorMatrix Completes Enrollment of Patients in RESTORE, First-In-Human Study with CorMatrix for Improvement of Myocardial Function
CorMatrix Cardiovascular Inc. and the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior in Warsaw announced the successful enrollment and treatment of five patients in the first ever study evaluating the CorMatrix ECM delivered trans-epicardially for the improvement of myocardial function in patients at risk or suffering from congestive heart failure. [CorMatrix Cardiovascular, Inc. (Business Wire)]
Press Release
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NEW 14th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy of Cancer
September 25-27, 2014
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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