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Extracellular Matrix News 5.10 March 20, 2014
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Integrins αvβ5 and αvβ3 Promote Latent TGF-β1 Activation by Human Cardiac Fibroblast Contraction
The authors tested whether targeting αvβ5 and αvβ3 integrins reduces latent TGF-β1 activation by cardiac fibroblasts with the goal to prevent formation of α-smooth muscle actin-expressing cardiac myofibroblasts and their contribution to fibrosis. [Cardiovasc Res] Abstract
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Differential Expression of Extracellular Matrix and Growth Factors by Embryoid Bodies in Hydrodynamic and Static Cultures
The differences between static and hydrodynamic culture conditions on the expression of extracellular matrix and growth factor molecules during the differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells were examined at both the gene and protein level. [Tissue Eng] Abstract

Enhanced Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells on ECM-Containing Osteomimetic Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering
Scientists investigated the development of a scaffold with native bone extracellular matrix (ECM) components for directing the osteogenic differentiation of human embryonic stem cells. A microsphere-sintering technique was used to fabricate poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) scaffolds with optimum mechanical and structural properties. [Tissue Eng] Abstract

Interleukin-1β Attenuates Myofibroblast Formation and Extracellular Matrix Production in Dermal and Lung Fibroblasts Exposed to Transforming Growth Factor-β1
Using lung and dermal fibroblasts, the authors investigated the effects of interleukin (IL)1β, transforming growth factor-β1 (TGFβ1), and IL1β in combination with TGFβ1 on myofibroblast formation, collagen synthesis and collagen modification (including prolyl hydroxylase, lysyl hydroxylase and lysyl oxidase), and matrix metalloproteinases. [PLoS One] Full Article

A Photoactivatable Nanopatterned Substrate for Analyzing Collective Cell Migration with Precisely Tuned Cell-Extracellular Matrix Ligand Interactions
Researchers developed a method for analyzing collective cell migration by precisely tuning the interactions between cells and extracellular matrix ligands. [PLoS One] Full Article

Cell-Scaffold Interaction within Engineered Tissue
A novel gelatin-chitosan scaffold with a unique structure produced by three-dimensional printing technology combining with vacuum freeze-drying has been developed for tissue-engineering applications. [Exp Cell Res] Abstract

Soluble Factors Derived from Human Amniotic Epithelial Cells Suppress Collagen Production in Human Hepatic Stellate Cells
Scientists investigated whether factors secreted by human amniotic epithelial cells (hAECs) and present in hAEC-conditioned medium have anti-fibrotic effects on activated human hepatic stellate cells. [Cytotherapy] Abstract

The Membrane-Targeted Alkylphosphocholine Erufosine Interferes with Survival Signals from the Extracellular Matrix
Researchers aimed to understand whether and how the paradigmatic membrane-targeted synthetic phospholipid analog erufosine is relevant for tumor cell adhesion to extracellular matrix proteins, cell survival and migration. [Anti-Cancer Agents Med Chem] Abstract

Type III Collagen Regulates Osteoblastogenesis and the Quantity of Trabecular Bone
Research findings indicate that Type III collagen plays a role in development of trabecular bone through its effects on osteoblast differentiation. [Calcif Tissue Int] Abstract

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Collagen-Based Biomaterials for Wound Healing
The authors review the structure and molecular interactions of collagen in vivo; the recent use of natural collagen in sponges, injectables, films and membranes, dressings, and skin grafts; and the on-going development of synthetic collagen mimetic peptides as pylons to anchor cytoactive agents in wound beds. [Biopolymers] Abstract

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Building Heart Tissue that Beat
When a heart gets damaged, such as during a major heart attack, there’s no easy fix. But scientists working on a way to repair the vital organ have now engineered tissue that closely mimics natural heart muscle that beats, not only in a lab dish but also when implanted into animals. [Press release from American Chemical Society discussing research presented at the 247th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS), Dallas] Press Release

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Bioheart Announces Joint Venture with Magnum Cell Therapies
Bioheart, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development and, subject to regulatory approval, commercialization of autologous cell therapies for the treatment of degenerative diseases, announced that it has entered into a joint venture with Magnum Cell Therapies. [Bioheart, Inc.] Press Release

$4.25 Million Grant Awarded to Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey and University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center to Develop Innovative Clinical Trials
Dr. DiPaola, who was just awarded a competitive $4.25 million grant by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health to support the precision experimental therapeutics endeavor, will collaborate with investigators from the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center on research that will have a nationwide reach. [Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey] Press Release
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NEW 2014 TERMIS-AM Annual Meeting
December 13-16, 2014
Washington, United States

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NEW Postdoctoral Position – Tumor Microenvironment (Baylor College of Medicine)

Director of GMP/GLP Quality Operations (University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine)

Postdoctoral Position – Extracellular Matrix Biology (Johns Hopkins University)

Senior Researcher – Cardiac Stem Cell-Matrix Interaction (International Clinical Research Center, St. Anne’s University Hospital)

PhD Position – 3D Structured Self-Assembled Hydrogels for Tissue Engineering (TU Delft)

Postdoctoral Position – Extracellular Matrix Biomechanics of Healthy and Diseased Skin (CNRS & ENS de Lyon)

Faculty Position – Cervical Biology (Wayne State University School of Medicine)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow – Mechanobiology, Fibroblasts and Matrix Biology (Mayo Clinic)

Scientific Communications & Publishing Coordinator (STEMCELL Technologies, Inc.)

Research Technologist – Pluripotent Stem Cells (STEMCELL Technologies Inc.)

Research Technologist – Particle Chemistry (STEMCELL Technologies Inc.)

Research Technologist – PSC Biology and Bioengineering (STEMCELL Technologies Inc.)

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