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Extracellular Matrix News 4.16 April 25, 2013
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Extracellular Matrix Control of Collagen Mineralization In Vitro
A model of collagen biomineralization based on demineralized cryosections of mouse molars in the bone socket is presented. When exposed to metastable calcium and phosphate-containing solutions, mineral re-deposits selectively into the natively mineralized tissues with high fidelity, demonstrating that the extracellular matrix retains sufficient information to control the rate of mineralization at the tissue level. [Adv Funct Mater] Abstract

Culture primary neurons independent of substrate with NeuroCult™ SM2

PUBLICATIONS (Ranked by impact factor of the journal)

Control of Lung Vascular Permeability and Endotoxin-Induced Pulmonary Oedema by Changes in Extracellular Matrix Mechanics
Researchers showed that lung vascular permeability is controlled mechanically by changes in extracellular matrix structure. Their studies reveal that pulmonary vascular leakage can be increased by altering extracellular matrix compliance in vitro and by manipulating lysyl oxidase-mediated collagen crosslinking in vivo. [Nat Commun] Abstract

Fractalkine and Its Receptor Mediate Extracellular Matrix Accumulation in Diabetic Nephropathy in Mice
Scientists examined the role of fractalkine (FKN)/cognate receptor chemokine receptor 1 (CX3CR1) in diabetic mice and mouse mesangial cells (MMCs). Streptozotocin was intraperitoneally administered for five days to male Cx3cr1-knockout mice and wild-type mice. MMCs transfected with Fkn or Cx3cr1 siRNA, respectively, were used to elucidate the role of FKN/CX3CR1 in extracellular matrix synthesis. [Diabetologia] Abstract

A Specific Subset of RabGTPases Controls Cell Surface Exposure of MT1-MMP, Extracellular Matrix Degradation and 3D Invasion of Macrophages
The authors identified three members of the RabGTPase family, Rab5a, Rab8a, and Rab14, as critical regulators of MT1-matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) trafficking and function in primary human macrophages. Both overexpressed and endogenous forms show prominent colocalization with MT1-MMP-positive vesicles, while expression of mutant constructs as well as siRNA-induced knockdown reveal that these RabGTPases critically regulate MT1-MMP surface exposure, contact of MT1-MMP-positive vesicles with podosomes, extracellular matrix degradation in 2D and 3D, as well as 3D proteolytic invasion of macrophages. [J Cell Sci] Abstract

Artificial Extracellular Matrix Composed of Collagen I and High-Sulfated Hyaluronan Interferes with TGFβ1 Signaling and Prevents TGFβ1 Induced Myofibroblast Differentiation
The authors investigated the influence of artificial extracellular matrix (aECM) consisting of collagen I and hyaluronan or high-sulfated hyaluronan on dermal fibroblasts regarding their differentiation into myofibroblasts. Fibroblasts were cultured on aECM in the presence of aECM adsorbed or soluble transforming growth factor β1 (TGFβ1). [Acta Biomater] Abstract

Regulation of Matrix Assembly through Rigidity-Dependent Fibronectin Conformational Changes
Cells sense and respond to the mechanical properties of their microenvironment. Scientists investigated whether these properties affect the ability of cells to assemble a fibrillar fibronectin matrix. [J Biol Chem] Abstract | Full Article

Extracellular Matrix Aggregates from Differentiating Embryoid Bodies as a Scaffold to Support ESC Proliferation and Differentiation
Using embryonic stem cell (ESC) derived aggregates called embryoid bodies (EB) as a model, scientists characterized the biological nature of extracellular matrix in EB after exposure to different treatments: spontaneously differentiated and retinoic acid treated. [PLoS One] Full Article

Transforming Growth Factor-α Activates Pancreatic Stellate Cells and May Be Involved in Matrix Metalloproteinase-1 Upregulation
Transforming growth factor-α (TGF-α) was found to increase proliferation and migration of pancreatic stellate cells. TGF-α-induced migration of cells may be partly due to upregulation of metalloproteinase-1. [Lab Invest] Abstract

Aldosterone and Myocardial Extracellular Matrix Expansion in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Myocardial extracellular matrix expansion and reduced coronary flow reserve (CFR) occur in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus without heart failure or coronary artery disease. Because aldosterone is implicated in the pathophysiology of cardiac fibrosis and vascular injury, the authors tested the hypothesis that aldosterone is associated with extracellular matrix expansion and reduced CFR in type 2 diabetes mellitus. [Am J Cardiol] Abstract

Effects of Decorin Proteoglycan on Fibrillogenesis, Ultrastructure, and Mechanics of Type I Collagen Gels
3D collagen gels were polymerized into tensile test specimens in the presence of decorin proteoglycan, decorin core protein, or dermatan sulfate. Collagen fibrillogenesis, ultrastructure, and mechanical properties were then quantified using a turbidity assay, two forms of microscopy, and tensile testing. [Matrix Biol] Abstract

Chitosan-Collagen Scaffolds with Nano/Microfibrous Architecture for Skin Tissue Engineering
A hierarchical nano/microfibrous chitosan/collagen scaffold that approximates structural and functional attributes of native extracellular matrix was developed for applicability in skin tissue engineering. [J Biomed Mater Res A] Abstract

Reference Guide: NeuroCult™ for Brain Tumor Research


How Cells Sense Extracellular Matrix Stiffness: A Material’s Perspective
The authors examine the ways in which new materials are being used to advance our understanding of how extracellular matrix stiffness impacts cell function. [Curr Opin Biotechnol] Abstract

Using Extracellular Matrix for Regenerative Medicine in the Spinal Cord
This review outlines the first attempts to apply the potential of extracellular matrix (ECM)-based biomaterials and combining cell-derived ECM with synthetic scaffolds. [Biomaterials] Abstract

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Innocoll Enters into Exclusive Licensing and Distribution Agreement with Biomet 3i for CollaCare® Dental Product Range
Innocoll, Inc. announced it has entered into an exclusive License and Distribution Agreement with Biomet 3i for its range of CollaCare Dental products. This agreement covers all global territories outside of China and ASEAN, which have been previously partnered. The CollaCare products were developed using Innocoll’s proprietary collagen based technologies. [Innocoll, Inc.] Press Release

Unique Extracellular Matrix Used in Patient Successfully Treated for Flesh Eating Bacteria
A patient diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis was successfully treated and discharged after ACell MatriStem was used in an effort to save her leg from amputation. The wound was treated and MatriStem was applied. Six weeks after the extracellular matrix was applied to the patient’s leg, the tissue was healed enough to skin graft and close the wound. [ACell, Inc.] Press Release

Humacyte Announces Significant Clinical Milestones in Its Novel Bioengineered Blood Vessel Technology
Humacyte, Inc. announced the accomplishment of significant milestones in the clinical development of its innovative bioengineered blood vessel technology – the first off-the-shelf, human-derived, artificial blood vessels. The company received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for an Investigational New Drug application to conduct a multi-center U.S. clinical trial to assess safety and efficacy of its innovative bioengineered blood vessel to provide vascular access for dialysis in End-Stage Renal Disease patients. [PR Newswire Association LLC] Press Release

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NEW World Biotechnology Congress 2013
June 3-6, 2013
Boston, United States

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