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Extracellular Matrix News 3.39 October 4, 2012
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The Extracellular Matrix Proteoglycan Perlecan Facilitates Transmembrane Semaphorin-Mediated Repulsive Guidance
The authors discovered that perlecan is required for semaphorin-1a-Plexin A-mediated repulsive guidance, revealing roles for extracellular matrix proteoglycans in modulating transmembrane guidance cue signaling during neural development. [Genes Dev] Abstract

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Recreating the Tumor Microenvironment in a Bilayer, Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel Construct for the Growth of Prostate Cancer Spheroids
Researchers developed and characterized a hyaluronic acid-based bilayer hydrogel system that not only supports the tumoroid formation from LNCaP prostate cancer cells, but also simulates their reciprocal interactions with the tumor-associated stroma. [Biomaterials] Abstract

Human Fibroblast-Derived Extracellular Matrix as a Scaffold for Vascular Tissue Engineering
The authors aimed to reduce the time required to produce a tissue-engineered vascular media (TEVM) and extend the production of TEVM with smooth muscle cells (SMCs) from all patients without compromising its mechanical and functional properties. Therefore, they developed a decellularized matrix scaffold produced from dermal fibroblasts or saphenous vein fibroblasts, in which SMCs were seeded to produce a TEVM. [Biomaterials] Abstract

In Situ Forming Collagen-Hyaluronic Acid Membrane Structures: Mechanism of Self-Assembly and Applications in Regenerative Medicine
Scientists report a novel and facile, self-assembling strategy to create membranes and encapsulating structures using collagen and hyaluronic acid (HA). They described a novel mechanism of collagen-HA membrane formation and provided the groundwork to apply these membranes for a variety of tissue engineering applications. [Acta Biomater] Abstract

A Protective Extracellular Matrix-Based Gene Delivery Reservoir Fabricated by Electrostatic Charge Manipulation
Researchers described the fabrication and characterization of a safe gene delivery reservoir system that has the potential to overcome issues associated with non-viral systems. Harnessing the electrostatic charges of collagen and polystyrene, microspheres were fabricated using a template-based method and characterized by microscopy techniques such as SEM, TEM and AFM, with the removal of the polystyrene template confirmed by FTIR analysis. [Mol Pharm] Abstract

Essential Roles and Regulation of the Legionella pneumophila Collagen-Like Adhesin during Biofilm Formation
Investigators examined the molecular function(s) of Legionella collagen-like protein (Lcl) and the transcriptional regulation of its encoding gene during different stages of the biofilm development. They showed that the collagen repeats and the C-terminal domains of Lcl are crucial for the production of biofilm. [PLoS One] Full Article

Recombinant Fibronectin Matrix Mimetics Specify Integrin Adhesion and Extracellular Matrix Assembly
Investigators analyzed fibronectin matrix mimetic variants designed to include all or part of the integrin-binding domain for their ability to support new extracellular matrix (ECM) assembly. They found that specific modifications of the integrin-binding domain produced adhesive substrates that selectively engage different integrin receptors to in turn, regulate the amount of fibronectin and collagen deposited into the ECM. [Tissue Eng Part A] Abstract

Lumican, An Extracellular Matrix Proteoglycan, Is a Novel Requisite for Hepatic Fibrosis
Researchers concluded that lumican is a prerequisite for hepatic fibrosis. The protective effect of lumican deficiency in hepatic fibrosis appears to be downstream of collagen production and mediated through the combined effects of impaired collagen fibrillogenesis, increased matrix turnover, and an enhanced proliferative response. [Lab Invest] Abstract

Odontogenic Responses of Human Dental Pulp Cells to Collagen/Nanobioactive Glass Nanocomposites
Collagen-based nanocomposite incorporating nanobioactiveglass was developed as a scaffolding matrix for dentin-pulp regeneration. The authors investigated the effects of the novel matrix on the proliferation of human dental pulp cells and their differentiation into odontoblastic lineage. [Dent Mater] Abstract

Vestibuloplasty: Porcine Collagen Matrix versus Free Gingival Graft. A Clinical and Histological Study
A free gingival graft (FGG) is currently the gold standard for augmenting small areas of keratinized mucosa. The porcine collagen matrix (CM) represents an alternative to autologous tissue harvesting. This study aimed to compare the CM versus FGGs for augmenting keratinized peri-implant mucosa, based on clinical and histological evaluations. [J Periodontol] Abstract

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Regulation and Use of the Extracellular Matrix by Trypanosoma cruzi during Early Infection
The mechanisms by which Trypanosoma cruzi (T. cruzi) regulates and uses the extracellular matrix (ECM) to invade cells and cause disease are just beginning to be understood. The authors discuss the regulation of the ECM interactome by T. cruzi, the use of the ECM by T. cruzi and analyze the molecular ECM/T. cruzi interphase during the early process of infection. [Frontiers in Microbial Immunology] Abstract

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New High-Tech Collagen Assists in Closing Surgical Wounds
Wound Management Technologies, Inc. announced their first application of their new product CellerateRX Surgical. CellerateRX Surgical is a patented, hydrolyzed collagen product that is FDA cleared for surgical wounds. [Wound Management Technologies, Inc.] Press Release

Stem Cell-Modifying Antibodies for Regenerative Therapies

Stem cell therapeutics firm Medistem and Superview Biotechnology signed a collaboration centered on the use of Medistem’s stem cell lines to screen for monoclonal antibodies with potential in regenerative medicine. They aim to identify monoclonal antibodies that modulate the activity of stem cells that are already present in the body, in effect, taking an alternative tack to approaches based on developing stem cells-derived therapeutics. [Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News] Press Release


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